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Checking the financial health of your clients or customers

Comprehensive company and director searches

Company and director searches can be a useful tool in the day-to-day running of your business or can be of great benefit when assessing the ability of a debtor to repay your debt before legal proceedings are instigated.

Building trust in new business relationships

It is vitally important to check the financial stability of any potential customer or client. When they apply for credit, you need to be able to make an informed decision and minimise the financial risks involved. Our reports provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your customer’s or client’s credit history and a useful, credible credit score.

Monitoring the health of your customers’ or clients’ businesses

Unfortunately, even established and previously profitable companies sometimes experience financial difficulties and credit terms should be regularly reviewed, even with longstanding business relationships.

We offer a monitoring service which keeps you informed of any changes in your debtors’ statuses, enabling you to assess how likely each of your customers are to pay you within your terms, and keeping you informed of any changes in their financial status which may impact on your financial exposure.

Get a financial health check on your customers or clients.

Informing the recovery process and assessing its prospects

Private investigations

For more complex or business critical scenarios we offer an investigation service as a precursor to the recovery process, or during or after recovery action has been taken.

The results of our private investigations of your debtor’s assets and activities can be invaluable in choosing the most appropriate recovery process to pursue and assessing the prospects of a successful recovery.

Forensic account analysis and reporting

The ‘true’ financial status of a business is not always self evident but, for those who know what to look for, the clues are usually available in the notes to financial statements and in other reports.

We are able to analyse and interpret such documents to provide a thorough, balanced view of how a company is developing: its performance, position, and other important factors affecting its business health. For example, we can assess contingent liabilities for potential high expenses that may affect both the life of a company’s assets and its profit and loss account.

If you’re concerned about the financial discrepancies or financial wrongdoing of a debtor, we have the expertise to root out the true picture.

Find out how an investigation might help you.

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