Cost-effective one-off debt recovery to save you time and money

When you don’t get paid for the work done or goods that you’ve delivered, it can disrupt both your cashflow and your business focus. If the amount is critical it can threaten to put you out of business. Or it could be that, even though it’s not a make-or-break debt, trying to recover it is taking too much of your time or energy. Either way, you need to get it sorted and we can help.

Our one-off debt recovery service does not need you to commit to any ongoing obligation and or pay any upfront fees.

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Preserve customer relationships

We also know it can be awkward it can feel taking action to recover a debt from one of your best customers or clients. We take a diplomatic but firm approach and if required we try to resolve any disputes and to collect your debt without court action.

Assessing the debt you’re owed

The first thing we’ll do is assess the nature and context of your debt, so we can advise you on how best to proceed. Armed with this understanding we can advise you on the most appropriate collection strategy to pursue, to make sure you recover the debt as quickly as possible.

Same-day transfer of funds

When cleared funds are received by us from one of your debtors, we provide same-day transfer of the funds whenever possible, direct to your bank account.

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Other services available

Multiple debt recovery

Cost-effective specialist debt collection for multiple outstanding invoices, tailored to your needs

Credit services & Business investigation

Expert help to make more informed credit decisions and check the financial stability of any potential customer

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Why choose Debtcol?

  • Save time – you get paid faster
  • Remove hassle of chasing for payment
  • Preserve your customer relationships
  • We have the expertise and resources
  • Legal assistance
  • Over 12 years experience

What people say about us…

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