Business Valuations

Rely on a Business Valuations service from recognised industry specialists

If you are looking for Business Valuations, we can help. Our team gains a full understanding of your business at every level, including the people, how it operates and which markets it competes in. Then we can provide a clear picture of its value however complex it is to piece together. Every business is different, so breadth of experience counts.

At Portland Leonard Curtis, we have a team of business experts who know exactly how to value a business. With a proven track record in the successful handling of almost every challenging situation that a business may experience. As a result, our appraisal of the valuation of any business is confidently given, and has always been met with the approval of owners, creditors and stakeholders alike.

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Want to value your business? Find out why Portland Leonard Curtis can help you, and what makes our business valuation service unique:

  • Free advice, without obligation
  • A proven track record over 30 years in business advice & support
  • Resourceful team covering every aspect of business finance
  • Absolute confidentiality with every case
  • Experience in every industry and all sizes of business
  • Understanding of all methods used to measure business ’value’.

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    How do I ensure a fair and accurate business valuation?

    What are the main considerations when you value a business? 

    Considerations when valuing a business are essentially centred around its assets, cashflow and performance, and by comparing the business with recent valuations of similar businesses.

    Additionally, methods of valuation will vary according to the business, and it includes:

    • The company’s assets
    • Strength of the brand & its intellectual property
    • Cash flow analysis and projected financial performance
    • Customer base
    • Experience and skills of the personnel
    • Strength of the supply chain and markets

    Why you need to get your business valuation right

    Arriving at the right company valuation is not an easy calculation but it is vital in negotiations for all kinds of reasons. Whether it’s about agreeing a share price for a potential investment opportunity or planning an exit strategy, Portland Leonard Curtis will manage the process to deliver the right numbers for all interested parties. Not doing so risks unnecessary delays and significant financial impact.

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    Why talk to Portland Leonard Curtis?

    We help over 85% businesses we work with avoid insolvency and continue to be successful

    From insolvency to cashflow solutions – we provide a way forward with positive outcomes

    We’ve restored confidence in businesses and their owners for over 30 years, from start ups to large global companies