Solvent Distributions to Shareholders

Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) – a fixed-price, low cost service through Quickcap

In keeping with our ethos of serving clients with efficient and effective solutions to a wide range of business challenges, Portland Leonard Curtis has developed a unique, low cost service for Capital Distributions to Shareholders. The service is called Quickcap, and it is a process that delivers a cost-effective Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (“MVL”) at a fixed price.

QuickCap can be used where alternatives to returning surplus cash back to shareholders are not allowed, appropriate or available, or where liquidation is more suitable or preferable. It offers tax advantages, where liquidation is a legitimate course of action for the winding up of a company. It’s also a process that costs less than a normal liquidation.

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Winding down your business? Choose Quickcap, a unique capital distribution service for shareholders that offers:

  • A fixed, low cost MVL
  • Support from Portland Leonard Curtis’ company tax and legal experts
  • A close involvement in the process for peace of mind
  • Fast payment of the distribution of funds
  • Help with claiming entrepreneur’s relief on liquidation
  • An understanding of insolvency law by qualified practitioners.

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