Our solutions to Distressed Business Finance

For unique solutions with Business Finance, and a successful outcome, contact Portland Leonard Curtis

If a business is threatened by financial problems, the quicker business finance is addressed, the more successful the outcome is likely to be.

Portland Leonard Curtis can support an insolvent business, by providing Distressed Business Finance solutions. We have immediate access to funds, which we can apply to an insolvent situation as part of a strategic plan.

Achieving the best outcome is our aim and we reject the notion that it is not possible to trade in administration on the basis of a lack of funding.

Where it can be used productively, our private equity business funding is available, to maximise value, facilitate a constructive strategy, or be used to rescue a company or its business.

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For successful Business Recovery, talk to someone whose approach to Distressed Business Finance is unique. Portland Leonard Curtis offers:

  • Cashflow forecasting, for a fast appraisal of financial distress
  • Quick access to our own funds where speed of response is vital
  • Release funds in 24 hours
  • Quickly improves your cashflow
  • Business finance experts with over 30 years of experience
  • A wide a range of funding solutions available
  • Free, confidential advice, and a unique inclusive approach.

If you need help to assess the impact on your business that financial difficulties may be causing, for the shot or long term, contact Portland Leonard Curtis for some free advice.

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    Benefit from our experience in business finance

    Boost the cash in your business with turnaround business finance

    We assist our customers in securing business finance whether in the form of a bridging loan, invoice finance, equipment finance, stock finance or short-term finance. We can help your business identify and understand the finance options available to help you survive a tough period and avoid insolvency. For those that are struggling to access funding, or with poor credit history yet need money to invest in new equipment or borrow for working capital or to cover HMRC debt, we can provide fast finance with minimal hassle.

    When it comes to commercial borrowing, we have a great deal of experience and can advise on the best option available to suit your individual scenario. As part of a dedicated recovery plan we will advise based upon your time constraints, your business credit history, your client’s credit history and how much you need over how long a period.

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    Why talk to Portland Leonard Curtis?

    We help over 85% businesses we work with avoid insolvency and continue to be successful

    From insolvency to cashflow solutions – we provide a way forward with positive outcomes

    We’ve restored confidence in businesses and their owners for over 30 years, from start ups to large global companies