Voluntary Arrangements

How a Voluntary Arrangement works for a range of circumstances

Voluntary Arrangements allow a company or individual to reach a deal with preferential and unsecured creditors on paying back monies owed over a fixed period. These agreements are binding on all creditors so long as the majority agree.

When used innovatively a Voluntary Arrangement procedure can be used to help implement group restructuring and deal with loss making subsidiaries. Or alternatively for adding acquisitions to an insolvent business as part of a turnaround plan. In short a Voluntary Arrangement with creditors will help you covert your debt into equity.

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Why a Voluntary Arrangement is the right approach for so many reasons:

  • Ideal rescue device for a viable insolvent company with accumulated debts
  • Prevents the threat of a Winding Up Petition or Bankruptcy
  • Write off debts if you can’t repay them over an agreed term
  • Centralises all creditors into a single monthly payment
  • Encourages creative, flexible and practical ways to avoid liquidation and bankruptcy
  • Maintains the trust of creditors through close involvement
  • Allows a period of protection to implement real business improvements

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    The difference between Company and Individual Voluntary Arrangements

    What is a Company Voluntary Arrangement?

    A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is often used following an administration to help gain the protection and powers of that procedure. It is an alternative procedure for those companies otherwise facing compulsory or voluntary liquidation. A CVA can help ensure the survival of your company if you are suffering cash flow problems and creditor pressure as it allows you to continue to trade and maintain your reputation whilst repaying debts at a more affordable rate.

    The amount paid over the agreed period, usually up to five years, can vary from repayment in full to a percentage of the debt with the balance being written off.

    What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement

    Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) are particularly suited for sole traders suffering financial distress and are a better alternative to Bankruptcy. Many aspects of sole trader IVAs mirror those of a Company Voluntary Arrangement. During an IVA an Insolvency Practitioner will deal with your creditors throughout the life of the IVA and you will work out a payment plan between you over the period of five-to-six years in most cases. Should the agreed payments not meet your debts in full at the end of the period the remainder will be written off.

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