Dispute Resolution for businesses

We’ll turn even the biggest issue into a positive Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution between parties can come in many forms. It may be a dispute with a customer regarding contractual terms, often connected with payment. It may be between joint owners over the future direction of the business. Either way, dealing with disputes can be as stressful for the parties involved, as it is destructive.

A business astute third party untarnished by previous involvement and acting without fear or favour can facilitate the resolution of a dispute. With experience of unravelling the issues and identifying the key fundamental points our expert advisors provide efficient dispute resolution. We help to avoid escalation into a long running, expensive and ultimately unfulfilling legal battle.

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For successful and cost-effective Dispute Resolutions for businesses, we have all the right credentials

  • Identify & resolve disputes quickly and efficiently
  • Apply best practices & proven, compliant methods
  • Access legal support & mediation professionals
  • Resolve a wide range of complex issues
  • Treat each case with empathy & sensitivity
  • FREE confidential advice.

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    Our vast experience supporting businesses offers unrivalled insights into Dispute Resolution

    We’ll help you remove the barriers

    Through wide-ranging experience and a practical approach to disputes in business, Portland Leonard Curtis will help you resolve potentially very contentious issues with the minimum of fuss.

    Expertise in business acumen, empathy and people skills, means we can unlock a dispute that may have been undermining business performance for many months without your knowledge.

    A positive outcome

    Thanks to a culture that exudes positivity, Portland Leonard Curtis’ ability to resolve problems related to personnel issues is totally unique. It’s what makes us different. Talk to us today and ask for some free advice.

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    We help over 85% businesses we work with avoid insolvency and continue to be successful

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