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If it feels like your business is running out of control, the fog is descending, or you just have a problem and you are not sure what to do about it, we can help. Portland Leonard Curtis firstly identifies the business problem, but because we are interested in your business survival, we’ll also provide the way through to the solution and assess your business viability.

Whether it’s a business viability report that can shed light on a financial challenge, or an investigation into fraud or dishonesty that you need you can count on us. We have dealt with thousands of businesses and due to years of experience we can draw upon our specialist knowledge to help almost any business move forward.

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External business viability reviews can take many forms, targeting your specific business issues, which could include:

  • Acquisitions, reconstructions & disposals
  • Capital equipment investment
  • Credit management, cashflow & funding
  • Management changes & training
  • Investigating fraud or dishonesty
  • Business support & planning.

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    External Business Viability Reviews ~ a range of solutions

    Business Viability Reviews

    Our positive approach to problem solving means our business viability reviews are firmly focused on finding the right solution for you. We encourange positive outcomes providing conclusions, a strategy, and a sustainable action plan to put in place.

    Consequently you’ll have the confidence to deliver the plan successfully, with details provided including the who, when and what.

    Investigations & Financial Recovery

    During our review services we have investigated many businesses for fraud connected to murder, asset stripping, VAT and Tax fraud. We have also pursued dishonest directors on behalf of creditors and bankrupts who have sought to put their assets beyond the reach of creditors. Furthermore we have investigated and pursued claims against customers who have sought to avoid payment and traced assets around the world.

    Establishing the facts and gathering the evidence can be a challenging process and our team at Portland Leonard Curtis handles those challenges with astute minds, combined with sensitivity and persistence.

    Business Restructuring

    Finally, as part of our review service, business restructuring involves looking at a group of connected companies and businesses. We therefore seek to identify the viable parts that may need to be freed of loss making areas or products, or to simply separate the entities to a achieve a division of ownership.

    At Portland Leonard Curtis we have assisted in situations where freehold property has to be separated from trading because of particular retirement needs or succession plans. Or where part of the business is being sold, but elements are being retained by existing owners. Likewise, we have also dealt with situations where loss-making parts of the business had to be closed down in an orderly way to curtail future losses.

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