Intelligent and cost effective debt collection to NMBS members

The failure of a customer to pay for goods may occur for a number of reasons but is often caused by customers either not understanding or trying to avoid their contractual responsibility, particularly in circumstances where you may have the added benefit of holding personal guarantees.

Our thorough knowledge of contract law and understanding of debtor behaviour, across many commercial sectors, means we are able to deal with genuine disputes and excuses for non-payment, resulting in quicker collections.

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Personal service designed for NMBS members

Our proven track record of working with “wholesalers” means that NMBS members receive an exceptional service, which is bespoke to their own business requirements.

To maximise your collection rates and avoid costly ‘bad debts’, we work closely with internal credit control and account receivable teams, providing support as well as expert legal advice.


Proud supplier to members of The National Merchant Buying Society

National Merchant Buying Society
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Some of our services available

One-off debt recovery

A one-off debt recovery service without the need to commit to any ongoing obligation or pay any upfront fees

Multiple debt recovery

Cost-effective specialist debt collection for multiple outstanding invoices, tailored to your needs

Credit services & Business investigation

Expert help to make more informed credit decisions and check the financial stability of any potential customer

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Why choose Debtcol?

7 Days

85% of debtors will pay within 7 days of being contacted by a debt collection specialist

Protect relationship with client

We will ensure your relationship with your client is not adversely impacted

12 years experience

We’ve secured the best possible return for businesses and their owners for over 12 years

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