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You’ve delivered and your client or customer is messing you around

When you’re not getting paid for the work or goods that you’ve delivered and invoiced, it disrupts both your cashflow and your business focus. If the amount is critical it can threaten to put you out of business. Or it could be that, even though it’s not a make or break debt, trying to recover it is taking too much of your time or energy. Either way, you need to get it sorted. We’re here to help.

Assessing the debt you’re owed

The first thing we’ll do is assess the nature and context of your debt so we can advise you on how best to proceed. We’ll need to know:

  1. Is there a contract your client or customer has agreed to in writing?
  2. What are your terms of credit and how overdue is the debt?
  3. Is all or some of the debt disputed?
  4. Is your client or customer someone you have done business with before or hope to again?
  5. Do you think your debtor is being dishonest or doing something illegal?

Armed with this understanding we can advise you on the most appropriate collection strategy to pursue.

Get a quote and get paid

Expertise you can count on to get you the best return possible

We are backed by insolvency practitioners, Portland Business & Financial Solutions. Our combined expertise means you really are in good hands. With us you get:

  • A thorough knowledge of contract law and and debtor behaviour across many commercial sectors for clients from sole traders to SMEs to national firms
  • The option of legal action to improve the prospects of full recovery
  • The ability to apply forensic level analysis to the trading account of your debtor for crucial insights into the best way forward

Avoiding legal action but using it as a threat

We do our best to collect your debt without court action. Not only is this best for your business in most cases but courts expect you to have made all reasonable efforts to recover your debt or resolve any dispute before starting legal action.

Although we are focused on full recovery for you, sometimes an amicable resolution is the best option, especially when the debt is disputed. We'll always clear it with you before we negotiate on your behalf.

We find that the real threat of pursuing debtor insolvency or bankruptcy improves your debt recovery prospects without recourse to legal action.

Taking legal action when necessary

When normal efforts to recover your debt have been exhausted, pursuing your claim through the county court or via the insolvency process become options worth considering.

We will guide you on the best course of action and assist you at every step throughout the legal collection process. We’ll make sure you comply with the appropriate legislation, and avoid you incurring unnecessary delay or penalties which the court can impose.

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