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Transport and Debt Collection

A customised approach works best for transport companies in need of a debt collector, because the services that a transport company can provide are so vast that no one service could cover them in their entirety. Many transport companies, such as those who provide rail transport, freight liners, trucks, and even postal transportation services, may reach a point in their business where another company or individual is indebted to them. When this happens, transport companies need reliable debt collectors on their side to deal with the situation before it gets out of hand or becomes a lengthy back and forth between the involved parties.

Debt collectors that deal with transport companies should be well-versed in the intricate laws of transportation businesses, including transportation receivable accounts. This knowledge enables a debt collector to quickly negotiate their way through the situation and collect the debt that the transport company is owed as fast as possible. There’s nothing more relaxing to a large business owner than knowing that something can be taken care of for them with no fuss.

Domestic Vs International

Many debt collection agencies and companies that deal with transportation are ready and able to help with both domestic and international transport companies. This is extremely important in our modern day because of the sheer amount of overlap between companies worldwide. Think about the last parcel you shipped internationally, and the journey that it made from your local courier or postal service to the country you shipped it to. That parcel was the responsibility of the service you shipped it with, but it will have passed hands several times to get to its destination.

It’s the same with anything that uses various transport companies. Liability is massively important in the transport industry, which is why any transport company debt collector will be familiar with the laws and regulations of the industry. This industry knowledge allows for easier debt collection and faster debt collection rates. Sometimes, the debt may be the result of a simple error, and these are perhaps the quickest types of debt to remedy. Other times, the debt may be because of accounting issues or professional liability – in these cases, knowing that you have a debt collector on your side, and a representative who can deal with the issues for you, is exceptionally helpful.

Some debt collection services will typically include liability reporting, claims assistance, distribution issues, errors, and more. A debt collector working in the transport industry should be trained to handle this specific industry without the possibility of damaging the transport company’s relationships with its customers. Debt collection can help improve your transport company’s financial status, by ensuring that all of your finances are exactly as they should be.

At Debtcol, we work with many transport companies to make sure their invoices are paid on time, and they don’t take on work from clients who can’t afford to pay them for it. With a combination of proactive debt collection, financial investigation and credit checking, our solutions are helping transport companies across the UK to run smoothly, without worrying about late payments. If you would like to find out more, just get in touch with the team today.

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