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Debtcol are debt collectors with experience across numerous commercial sectors for clients from sole traders to SMEs to national companies. Our passionate and determined team strive to ensure that businesses recover whatever is owed to them, delivering the best debt collection solutions achievable, together with expert and practical advice, at competitive rates.

We believe it is our consideration as to the most appropriate collection process, taking time to understand the debtor’s circumstances and our expertise in negotiating settlements, which leads to an increase in the prospects of recovery.

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An introduction to our management team

Paul Davies

“Having worked with business many owners, I understand the challenges that unpaid debts create. I help businesses recover what is owed to them and help them avoid future problems.”

Sarah Parker-Baxter
Collections Manager

“When acting for my clients to recover what they are owed, I am able to assess the issues and advise on the best course of action to achieve the desired outcome.”

Mia Martin
Collections Supervisor

“I know that recovery time is often of the essence and I provide my clients with the most appropriate collection strategy to make sure they recover their debts as quickly as possible.”

Why talk to Debtcol?

7 Days

85% of debtors will pay within 7 days of being contacted by a debt collection specialist

Protect relationship with client

We will ensure your relationship with your client is not adversely impacted

Securing the best possible return for business owners for over 12 years

Find out more about our range of services. Call 01489 550 496 and ask for a free consultation so you can review your options

Debtcol’s ethos

At Debtcol, we are dedicated to helping business owners and credit professionals recover outstanding debts. Through a combination of years of experience, legal expertise and a bespoke strategy to each case, we get the results that our clients need.

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Our business has been built on reputation and client retention. We have the industry knowledge and ability to provide the level of service which our clients require and come to expect from a professional services provider. We have established a long-term relationship with a large number of our clients because they like doing business with us.

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We take time to understand our client’s needs and provide them with expert, honest and transparent advice. We always act in the best interests of our clients and do so with complete integrity. Simply, our clients trust us.

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Risk free

We guarantee to charge a fixed percentage of what we actually recover, with no up-front costs or contracts and where we are able to recover our fees, our clients get back 100% of the money owed to them.

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We guarantee to act upon instructions within 24 hours. We take active control of the debt collection process to minimise delays and will keep our clients fully informed throughout the collection stages. We will also provide are clients with advice and support to help them avoid future debts.

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Total ownership

We guarantee that all collection work is carried out in-house, by experienced and legally qualified staff, even if court proceedings are necessary or if the debt is disputed. This avoids our clients having to instruct solicitors and prevents them incurring unnecessary costs.